Doppelganger Dialogues, our program of exciting workshops which have been running since 2010..  

This is a series of innovative and stimulating creative workshops for new and aspiring writers.  These are a hands-on sessions designed specifically for new writers, as well as those with some experience who are seeking to develop their skills. 

Writers are invited to submit their work in advance of each workshop, with a length restriction of ten-fifteen minutes for each submission.  Writers may submit a ten-minute play, a sequence of mini-plays with an overall length of ten-minutes, or a ten-minute extract from a longer play.  Although the emphasis is on theatre writing, we also like to receive poems, songs, short stories, monologues, short film scripts, artwork and other creative work for discussion in the workshop.  The writers will receive constructive feedback from workshop leaders and the other writers present and contributing to individual workshops.

The workshops will also explore writing practice and will help enable writers to develop strategies to support their creative processes: how to start writing and overcome the blank page syndrome; finding your own individual creative voice; putting the words on the page; developing ideas.

Doppelganger Dialogues hopes to discover new and exciting voices through this workshop, and to nurture emerging talent and new writing.

All are welcome!  Admission free.